KyPha, Inc.

Project I: The project was multifaceted, including providing scientific and technological information from published literature to help the company obtain grant funding, evaluating product market strategy and clinical utility by interviewing pertinent opinion leaders and conducting comprehensive market analysis.

Project II: This project focused on primary market analysis for a point of care lupus diagnostic.

Project II

Project Manager:
  • Kimberly Lorenz, Genetics
Team :
  • Ben Filas, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jessica Campbell, Immunology
  • Yinzi Liu, Developmental Biology
  • Chad Stiening, CBO
  • Advisers :
    • Brett Maricque, The BALSA Group
    • Erica Majumder, The BALSA Group

Project I

Project Managers :
  • Ben Xu, Immunology
  • James Skinner, Nutritional Science
Team :
  • Xinxin Wang, Immunology
  • Jeremiah McDole, Immunology
  • Sarah Eisenstein, Psychiatry
  • Rowena Campbell, Internal Medicine
  • Yunjun Guo, Chemistry
  • Chad Stiening, CBO
  • Paul Olson, CEO
  • Zhouning Zhang, Sr. Bench Scientist
  • Nick Staten, Sr. Technology Development
Adviser :
  • Angela Zeng, OverArching Solutions

From left to right, Rowena Campbell, Xinxin Wang, Yunjun Guo, Ben Xu, Jeremiah McDole, James Skinner and Sarah Eisenstein.